21 06, 2023


2023-06-21T17:19:57-04:00June 21st, 2023|2- Daily Briefing|

Waters Advances Post-SVB Proposals

HFSC Ranking Member Waters (D-CA) today released ten Democratic bills in response to recent bank failures, noting — as is indeed the case for at least some of these measures – that Republicans expressed interest in them at the last committee mark-up.   That said, today’s hearing with Chairman Powell (see forthcoming FedFin analysis) indicates that Republicans will launch a full-bore attack on higher bank-capital requirements.

Unusual Bipartisanship Advances Senate Clawback Bill

We will await text to determine the full impact of the bill approved today by Senate Banking, but the 21-2 vote makes it clear that it will have no trouble navigating the Senate floor unless more controversial riders are attached.  We doubt this will be the case given the clear intention on both sides of the aisle to agree on a viable approach to executive clawbacks, moving away from the Warren-Vance bill (see FSM Report COMPENSATION36) to give the FDIC discretion to preserve “white-knight” compensation and slightly limit the bill’s scope.

Schumer Lays Out Senate’s AI Approach

Kicking off a high-priority Senate action plan, Senate Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY) today laid out his AI framework dubbed the Safe Innovation Framework.  Acknowledging that Congress knows very little about AI and what regulation is needed, he did not indicate any specifics or timing on upcoming legislation beyond outlining the framework’s priorities.


24 05, 2023


2023-05-24T17:16:58-04:00May 24th, 2023|2- Daily Briefing|

New Fed Paper Shows Link Between Twitter, Market Sentiment, Run Risk

A new FRB staff paper uses natural-language models and social-media data to craft a “twitter sentiment index” (TSI) that is then compared to actual market conditions.

Democrats Press Clawback, Regulatory Fixes as HFSC Considers Transparency Measures

Today’s HFSC mark-up so far has focused on one of Rep. Barr’s (R-KY) three regulatory transparency bills, with Democrats proposing a series of amendments without any deciding votes.

House Oversight Panel Focuses On Supervisory Accountability, Reform

At today’s hearing of the Financial Services Subcommittee of House Oversight on bank failures and supervision at the San Francisco Fed, Subcommittee Chairwoman McClain (R-MI) opened with a series of sharply-worded questions on who oversaw the bank, what factors might have distracted them from traditional supervision, why glaring risk factors were not more forcefully addressed, whether regulators were unduly complacent, whether the Fed and FDIC used all of their regulatory tools, and if the agencies have been objective and transparent in their bank failure post-mortems as well as their accounts of the systemic risk exception.

Markup Votes Postponed for Transparency, LLPA Bills

Since our last alert, Democrats continued to submit amendments for Rep Barr’s (R-KY) transparency bill at today’s HFSC markup and party lines cemented over Rep. Davidson’s (R-OH) LLPA bill.


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