2023-04-19T17:26:14-04:00April 19th, 2023|2- Daily Briefing|

Hsu Treads Carefully Into Open Banking

In remarks today, Acting Comptroller Hsu highlighted the liquidity, cybersecurity, and even structural challenges that may arise from open banking.  He argues that account portability may lead to heightened retail deposit liquidity risk and increased retail outflows, noting that online and mobile banking may well have facilitated the large outflows experienced by SVB and SBNY.  Banks could require new cyber-risk controls due to the increase in volume and complexity of consumer data.

Chopra Expands Anti-Discrimination Campaign

Under heavy fire today from a staff data breach, CFPB Director Chopra nonetheless emphasized the agency’s strong stand against credit discrimination.  Building on a recent statement of interest in a filing related to student loan litigation, the Bureau is now not only combatting traditional forms of discrimination, but also the targeting Mr. Chopra describes as reverse redlining across the spectrum of consumer-finance products and every contact point in the credit origination, servicing, marketing, and technology process.