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Fed Study Attempts to Address Scope of U.S. Macroprudential Risk
Building on prior FRB research on the increasingly porous regulatory perimeter, a new FRB staff study crafts quantitative measures of the U.S. financial system to assess growing macroprudential risk.  In contrast to the relatively-sanguine view of asset prices in the Fed’s most recent stability report (see Client Report SYSTEMIC92), the study finds that cyclical credit flows into unregulated institutions are a leading indicator of systemic risk.

FRB-NY: Stablecoins Won’t Last
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York yesterday posted a paper concluding that stablecoins are not likely to prove a lasting part of the U.S. financial system.  We will shortly provide clients with an in-depth analysis of today’s HFSC hearing; the staff memo preceding it clearly takes a different stand, as did the PWG’s report (see Client Report CRYPTO21).

Democrats Detail Beneficial-Ownership Regulatory Standards
Sen. Brown (D-OH) and Reps. Waters (D-CA) and Maloney (D-NY) late yesterday released their comment letter to Secretary Yellen on FinCEN’s initial beneficial-ownership standards.  The letter generally praises the proposal, including its broad beneficial-owner definition and those for “substantial control,” “ownership interest,” and “reporting company.”

Basel Chief Pleads for Tough III/IV Standards
The Basel Committee’s new chair, Pablo Hernández de Cos, today told the European Parliament that jurisdictions must quickly finalize the Basel III/IV package of capital reforms.  As noted yesterday, Acting FDIC Chairman Gruenberg included these in his near-term priorities, departing from prior FDIC and Fed statements by …