Global Crypto Prudential Standards
Moving beyond recent concerns expressed by the Financial Stability Board on “decentralized” finance,1 the Basel Committee is soliciting views on a preliminary assessment of crypto-asset risk and the capital, liquidity, and prudential standards it warrants for banking organizations. Although framed as only a request for general comment, the paper specifies numerous risk-management and supervisory protocols Basel believes should already be in place at banks with direct or indirect crypto exposures. While seeming to differentiate between high-risk exposures and others likely to be considerably less problematic, the overall risk-management framework appears to apply to all crypto exposures.

FedFin Assessment: Expanded U.S. Trade War to Exchange Rates Poses Structural, Strategic, and Systemic Challenges
The Federal Register today includes one of the most controversial steps the Trump Administration is taking in its already contentious trade wars: use of countervailing duties to punish nations the Commerce Department determines are manipulating their currency to advantage export competitiveness.