Why JPMorgan Is Turning on an Ex-Star

Jes Staley is sued over Jeffrey Epstein
At JPMorgan Chase, James “Jes” Staley rose through the ranks, leading its asset management and investment banking businesses and becoming a top lieutenant to the banking giant’s chief, Jamie Dimon….

Silvergate will finally shut its doors
The crypto industry is losing one of its biggest lenders: Silvergate Capital, which transformed itself from a small California real-estate bank into a force in cryptocurrencies, said on Wednesday that it would wind itself down and return customer deposits….Some argue that crypto companies may be driven to offshore lenders if U.S. banks are largely closed off to them. That may suit American authorities just fine: “As far as the agencies are concerned, that which goes offshore can go offshore as long as it stays offshore,” Karen Petrou of the think tank Federal Financial Analytics told DealBook.